This is our family. They are all my biggest fans and I wouldn't be where I am today without them. My dads attention to detail has become my own after many years of attempting. After all, if you're going to put your name on something you better be proud of it. Taking our business to the next step has been an extremely proud moment for me and the support from my friends and family means the world. 

Ciara Feko 

Owner - WoodRocks Woodshop

From Left to Right: Ciara Feko, Justin Feko, Andee,Ryan and Sara Feko, Gord Johnson, Susanne Clary, Nathan Johnson, Sabrina, Mark Teel, Kayla Teel and Jordy Teel. 


As a 7th generation entrepreneur maker I understand it takes a quality product delivered with outstanding service to keep customers coming back for years to come. We take pride in every WoodRocks original piece made to the highest quality in hopes that they turn into family heirlooms passed down to future generations. 


We have 50+ years of combined woodworking experience in everything from cabinet making and home building to fine furniture and art.  Through this experience we were able to find our true passion for custom woodwork with epoxy and lichtenburg detail. We have furthered our education with leaders in the industry. We can now provide our clients with very unique and stylish statement pieces that they will be proud to own. 

We will always design unique and stylish pieces that you will be proud to own. 

At WoodRocks Woodshop we believe in old-school craftsmanship and customer service. 

If you aren't happy, we aren't happy!